The court reiterated that the high-ranking public officials' crime investigation department's non-prosecution of the charges against President Yoon Seok-yeol's 'interference with the investigation of former Prime Minister Han Myung-sook's perjury teacher case' was reasonable.

Seoul High Court's Criminal Division 30 recently dismissed a financial application filed by Prosecutor Lim Eun-jung, head of the Major Economic Crimes Investigation Team of the Daegu District Prosecutors' Office, who was dissatisfied with the non-prosecution service.

The appeal is a system in which the complainant or accuser, who is dissatisfied with the decision not to prosecute by the prosecution or public prosecution service, requests the competent high court to decide whether or not to file a prosecution.

If the court accepts the appeal, the Prosecutor's Office must file a complaint.

Prosecutor Lim asked the court to decide whether or not to prosecute directly, saying, "The Public Prosecutor's Office dismissed the charges by reflecting only the unilateral complaints of the suspects."

The main point of this case is that President Yoon and former Justice Research and Training Institute Director Cho Nam-gwan interfered with the investigation and investigation into the suspicion of a teacher of perjury by a former prime minister in May 2020, when they were the Prosecutor General and Deputy Chief of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, respectively.

It is that President Yoon assigned the suspicion of false perjury to the human rights inspector's office of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office to prevent the Supreme Prosecutor's Inspection Department's own fact-finding investigation, and excluded Prosecutor Lim, who was then a Inspection Policy Researcher at the time.

In June of last year, the Ministry of Airborne Affairs booked and investigated President Yoon and others on charges of abuse of authority and negligence of duty due to accusations of civic activism by a civic group.