I've also seen many articles that Japan's far-right political forces mocked the comfort women statue in the middle of Tokyo, causing outrage.

This is an event of the far-right group held in Tokyo, Japan on the 21st and 22nd.

A doll in a white jacket and long skirt is sitting on a chair, and a man appears and blows air into the doll.

This performance is a caricature of the Statue of Peace, a symbol of comfort women victims.

The man in the video is Makoto Sakurai of the Japan First Party, a far-right political force in Japan, who in the past insulted the comfort women victims with a mocking performance of the Statue of Peace and led anti-Korean protests.

Makoto placed a toy money bird on his doll's shoulder on this day as well, arguing that 'there was no forced arrest at the time, meaning that it was paid properly'.

Videos and photos of the scene in question quickly spread online, and netizens who saw it are pouring out anger-filled reactions.