The police have launched a forced investigation into famous ophthalmologists and organized brokers in Seoul on charges of procuring cataract surgery and earning tens of billions of won in profits.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Financial Crimes Investigation Team has launched a search and seizure of 12 locations in Gangnam, Seoul, including an ophthalmology department and a broker's office.

As a result of SBS coverage, the police are investigating dozens of medical staff, including the head of an eye clinic in Gangnam, and a broker who arranged surgery for patients on charges of violating the Medical Law.

It was found that the brokers introduced patients to the ophthalmology department for cataract surgery, which is not covered by reimbursement, and returned 30-40% of the treatment fee as a referral fee.

Police believe that the fees they received from ophthalmology over the years in the process of patient placement alone amounted to tens of billions of won.

As soon as the police finish analyzing the confiscated material, they plan to summon officials to investigate.