The sale of tickets for the Brazil match of the Korean national football team, which will be held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 2nd of next month, is booming.


Click> The third search term is "Brazil match ticket 1.5 million won".

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On the online second-hand trading platform, more than 200 posts were pouring in today (26th) saying that they would transfer or buy tickets for the Brazil match.

The list price ranges from premium seats with a maximum of 350,000 won to 3rd class seats with a minimum of 30,000 won, but most of the items for sale are two or three times the regular price.

There have been articles saying that they will buy 3 3rd class seats with a regular price of 30,000 won for 350,000 won, and they will sell 2 premium C tickets with a regular price of 230,000 won for 1.5 million won.

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The fans' reaction is even hotter because it's a match against Brazil, the top FIFA ranking, and it's the first national team match after Son Heung-min became the top scorer in the English Premier League.

The organizers of the event say they are working hard to prevent such tickets, but eradicating them is not easy.

This is because, for personal reasons, it is difficult to distinguish between the person who transfers and the person who transfers, and therefore, it is not possible to conduct a strong crackdown.

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Netizens responded, "You shouldn't even look at tickets taking unfair advantage!", "The effect of Heung-Min Son's 'human vitamin' is amazing. I want to watch it clearly on TV at home!"

(Screen source: Joongongnara Carrot Market)