About 400 professors from Seoul National University, which received an audit by the Ministry of Education for the first time since its incorporation, were notified of the pointed out matters, and Seoul National University is noisy over the responsibility.

From September 27 to 11 last year, the Ministry of Education has conducted a comprehensive audit of Seoul National University’s faculty personnel and entrance examination management since 2018 by dispatching 24 people including an audit officer.

The Seoul National University comprehensive audit is the first since its incorporation in 2011.

However, the audit results notified to Seoul National University are unusual.

He ordered about 100 professors to be warned and 300 to take caution.

This is because they did not properly submit reports after their research years or overseas dispatch.

According to Article 8 of the <Seoul National University Research Year Operation Regulations> made in December 2018, professors selected for the research year must submit the research year activity report to the university within 6 months after the end of the research year period.

It is the judgment of the Ministry of Education that these regulations were not followed.

In the end, there is even a battle of responsibility among members of Seoul National University over the pile of notifications.

The Seoul National University Professors' Council and the professor's union said, "

We have received notices of disposition of 137 warnings and 307 cautions for not submitting research year and overseas dispatch reports.

Let's do it,"

he demanded from Seoul National University.

On the other hand, the union of Seoul National University, which consists of employees, strongly objected, saying, "It is a collective selfish claim that only protects the honor of the professor."

"A formal apology for the absurd claim to shift the responsibility to the employees and reveal the negligence of the negligence,"

it said.

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When looking at the reasons why the professors protested, they said that it was questionable whether the planned disposition was justified and the relevant procedures were followed.

It is that Seoul National University unilaterally notified the audit result without sufficient explanation, and it is difficult to prepare explanatory materials because the objection period is short.

Some argue that if the Ministry of Education decided the level of disciplinary action as it is, the autonomy of Seoul National University, an independent corporation from the government, was violated.

Above all, professors are concerned that a simple warning or caution is not formal disciplinary action, but it may limit outside activities or lead to disadvantages in personnel management.

A professor from the Seoul National University Professors' Council said, "There are many unfair professors who have been notified of disciplinary action due to delay in filing even though they have properly submitted the report within the set period."

"It is a problem that needs to be improved by issuing a warning to the institution rather than directly penalizing individual professors," he said.

It is a demand from professors to ensure a sufficient period of appeal and a reasonable review process.

However, there are also pointed out that professors are not reflecting enough on their violation of the report submission obligation that they have to abide by according to the regulations.

A Seoul National University employee pointed out, "Is it the behavior of professors to postpone responsibilities by blaming the staff even though there are clear rules?"

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Democratic Party lawmaker Kang Deuk-gu said, "Since Seoul National University receives government contributions even after incorporation, it is natural for the Ministry of Education to point out the problem of professors not submitting reports," he said. .

Seoul National University explained, "We are waiting for the Ministry of Education to review the application for re-examination, so the details of the disposition are unconfirmed."

In addition, he said, "We have transparently disclosed the audit results and provided an objection period and retrial process," he said.

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