The Supreme Court has ruled that the 'wage peak system', which cuts the wages of employees based on age alone without any reasonable reason, is invalid because it violates the current Elderly Employment Act.

The first division of the Supreme Court (Chief Justice Roh Tae-ak) confirmed today (26th) the lower court ruling in favor of part of the plaintiff in a wage claim lawsuit filed by retiree A against a research institute where he worked.

The court said, "Considering the provisions of Article 4-4 Paragraph 1 of the Employment Act for the Elderly and the purpose of the legislation, this provision should be regarded as a compulsory provision that prohibits age discrimination." It is difficult to see that there was a difference in the level of goal given to the plaintiff or the content of the work.”

(SBS Digital News Bureau/Photo = Yonhap News TV provided, Yonhap News)