A few days ago, unfortunate incidents occurred one after another in a family with children with disabilities.

Disabled people's groups have set up an incense burner for citizens and urged the government to take measures.

This is reporter Ha Jeong-yeon.


Chrysanthemum flowers were piled up on the desk with the pictures of the three victims.

This is a memorial service prepared by related organizations for the families of the disabled who made the extreme choice three days ago.

[Yoon Jong-sul/President of the National Association of Disabled Parents: It seems that we hold a memorial service like this every month.

It seems to be replaying this every month for 10 years.]

On the 23rd, in an apartment in Seoul, a mother in her 40s threw herself to death with her 6-year-old son receiving treatment for developmental disabilities. I made an extreme choice after the death of my severely disabled daughter whom I had cared for for years.

He appealed to the government to prepare a comprehensive support plan for families with disabilities, saying that unfortunate incidents are repeating due to the burden of care.

[Choi In-ho: Because of a developmentally disabled person like me, the thought of killing a child is so difficult that it is terrifying.]

[Kim Su-jeong / Director of the Seoul Branch of the National Association of Disabled Parents: Please give me the answer how the state will stop these terrible incidents that are repeated over and over again.

How scared my son would be...


After the memorial service, members of the disabled group installed an incense burner at a subway station near the Yongsan Presidential Office, and a clash occurred.

It is in front of the triangular area platform.

There is a confrontation between the disabled people's group, which has gathered to install an incense burner, and the history side, who is trying to stop it.

The disabled groups announced that they would actively inform citizens of the need for a 24-hour care support system for families with disabilities while operating an incense burner for the next week.

(Video editing: Park Chun-bae, VJ: Kim Jong-gap · Roh Jae-min)