I saw a lot of articles about Mr. Lee Geun, who was going to return to Korea after being injured in the Ukrainian War, and directly shared his current situation through social media.

Mr. Lee posted pictures and videos taken in Ukraine one after another on his SNS yesterday (25th).

He uploaded a photo taken with his local colleagues and expressed his discomfort by saying, 'Did I do my best to swear, I'm sorry I'm alive', but it seems that he was conscious of rumors and critical public opinion such as 'death' that had been floating around.

He posted pictures of food in cans and said, 'Let's think of it as hotel breakfast,' but when rumors spread that he was staying in a hotel instead of a battlefield and filming a YouTube video, he seems to have been sarcastic.

Meanwhile, it is known that Mr. Lee will return to Korea to receive treatment for his injuries. Mr. Lee's manager said, 'After recovering from his injuries, he hopes to return to Ukraine with the permission of the Korean government.'

But he said it would be difficult for him to return to Ukraine as Lee was charged with violating passport laws, the article said.