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Prime Minister Han Deok-soo tried to appoint Yoon Jong-won, president of IBK Industrial Bank, as the head of the government policy coordination office, Kwon Seong-dong, floor leader of the People's Power, made it clear that he would oppose it.

It is said that he is a member of the former administration who served as chief economic officer of the Moon Jae-in government, and even the prime minister did not back down.

Correspondent Kim Hyung-rae.


Kwon Seong-dong, floor leader of the People's Power, strongly opposed the news that IBK Industrial Bank President Yoon Jong-won was appointed as the Ministerial-level Ministerial Office for Policy Coordination to assist the Prime Minister.

As President Yoon served as chief economic officer of the Blue House under the Moon Jae-in government, he is responsible for policies such as income-led growth.

Kwon said to SBS reporter, "People with the right philosophy must come where political judgment is needed," and he directly opposed President Yoon Seok-yeol and Prime Minister Han Deok-soo.

In particular, although Prime Minister Han expressed his displeasure, saying, "There is no one to replace him," floor leader Kwon said, "Why are you so stubborn to work only with people you have worked with once?"

The prime minister did not back down.

[Han Deok-soo/Prime Minister: To tell the truth, he is actually a person who has been called (Blue House) because there is a problem with the policy of 'Sojuseong'.

In the end, after the verification process is over, it's up to the personnel authority to decide...


Other lawmakers from the party leadership are also participating in the 'Yun Jong-won non-dispute', so the possibility of escalating into a party conflict was raised, but party leader Lee Jun-seok started to evolve.

[Lee Jun-seok / Representative of People's Power: It is difficult to see it as dissonance, it is probably about an exchange of opinions about personnel that can naturally exist between the party and the government.

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However, there are criticisms that the 'responsible prime minister system' emphasized by President Yoon may not be popular, and that running a narrow talent pool while promoting cooperation will amplify the 'camp conflict'.