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The critics have blessed it, the public is looking forward to it and

Tom Cruise

is giving it his all to promote it.

Top Gun: Maverick

hits theaters on

May 26

and is expected to be the

first big blockbuster of the summer that has yet to start.

Maverick (Tom Cruise) in full flight.


Top Gun: Maverick

kicks off with an intro that starts at the top


After some credit titles similar to those of that film,

the action presents Maverick (Tom Cruise) in search of breaking a record

, showing that his thing is to live on the limit, without fear of dying and forgetting that in the army (with an

Ed Harris

once again as a tough guy) you have to follow rules.

From there, the plot focuses on

the protagonist's efforts to teach a new breed of pilots from the Top Gun school


Maverick, on the verge of expulsion from the army, is required by his superiors (including Jon Hamm) for

an "almost impossible" mission in a country (why is it?) that is never named and that is difficult to identify.

Geopolitical stuff.

Tom Cruise returns to the character he already played in 1986.


Maverick is the nickname with which we met

Pete Mitchell


Top Gun (Idols of the air)

in 1986. A brave character with

extraordinary skills

to handle Russian fighters.

But also a guy with an

excessive ego, a lack of ability to show feelings in public and a first-rate insubordinate.

Now, despite the fact that time has passed, we see him as if the years had not made a dent in him.

Tom Cruise

once again becomes the

star of the show, standing up to young actors and stealing shots from all of


And, as more than one can imagine, he conquered the most beautiful girl (Jennifer Connelly) of all.

The spectacular thing about this film is that

there are no tricks

and what you see has no digital retouching.

An experience in which

Tom Cruise boarded his co

-stars and

forced them to fly in fighter planes.

Jennifer Connelly with Tom Cruise.


Tom Cruise is, in addition to starring in the film, producer.

A task that has allowed him to choose the director,

Joseph Kosinski

(with whom he worked on


) ​​and his main screenwriter,

Christopher McQuarrie

, winner of the Oscar for Best Screenplay for The

Usual Suspects

in 1996 .

He has directed Cruise in

Jack Reacher

and four

Mission: Impossible

installments , all of which blend action and suspense to perfection.

And, as seen in many scenes of

Top Gun: Maverick

, that there are

notes of humor capable of lowering the maximum level of tension that dominates the story.

Jerry Bruckheimer


The Rock


Pirates of the Caribbean

saga ), producer of the original film and one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, is once again behind a project that smacks of worldwide success.

Along with Tom Cruise,

Milles Teller stands

out as the son of his deceased battle partner;

Jennifer Connelly

, as a 'more than friend' to Maverick and

Jon Hamm

as a high-ranking military man.

In addition to a fleeting but unforgettable very special appearance capable of making fans of the first installment tear up.

Miles Teller brings to life the son of Maverick's former partner.


In these times, releasing a movie like

Top Gun (Idols of the air)

would be almost impossible.

Macho, retrograde and, above all, very far from what a healthy emotional education should reflect

(that is, with characters that are the meat of psychoanalysis), that story may seem somewhat outdated today.

However, for someone who knows well what works for the public like Tom Cruise,

his sequel breaks with all that and is more credible.


now appear as independent characters with their own voice

, racial diversity is respected and another face of the most powerful army on the planet is offered.

It is true that if that film was considered a

massive propaganda weapon

by the US government, here too there is no lack of

praise for its destructive capacity.

Although, yes, with a more beneficial purpose for the planet.

In spite of everything, a game in which the naked torsos shine in the sunlight could not be missed.

Including that of Tom Cruise at 59 years old.

Jon Hamm plays Maverick's new 'boss'.


Top Gun: Maverick

was going to be released two years ago


But the pandemic arrived and all the plans of Tom Cruise and his team went to waste.

Now that the right time has come,

Tom Cruise has promoted it as it deserves

(at the Cannes Film Festival or arriving at a premiere directing his own helicopter) and

everything seems to indicate that it is about that great blockbuster that distributors, producers, exhibitors they


it will boost a flagging global box office.

After the premiere of

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness


Top Gun: Maverick

will kick off the

popcorn movies

that can sweep this summer

as the new installment of

The Minions


Jurassic World: Dominion




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