[Go Hyun-Jun's News]

Not long ago, after the Korea-US summit, President Yoon Seok-Yeol raised his hand to salute with his hand on his chest while the American national anthem was played at a dinner party.

On the 22nd (the 22nd), photos of the process of the Korea-US summit were released on the official SNS account of US President Joe Biden.

It was also included in the welcome dinner held at the National Museum of Korea.

While the American national anthem is being played, President Biden and other attendees from the United States are raising their hands on their chests, and President Yoon is also taking a salute with their hands on their left chest.

On the other hand, National Assembly Speaker Park Byeong-seok, standing to the left of President Biden, stands attentive.

Controversy arose over whether there was a mistake in the protocol in some progressive camps, and the presidential office took the position that raising a hand to the chest while an opponent's national anthem is played is a sign of respect for the other country and cannot be called a disrespect for the other country. I did.

In addition, he explained that even if you look at the Ministry of Public Administration and Security's 'Korea Flag Act' and the government's handbook, there are no restrictions on expressing respect when performing the other's national anthem.