Breaking news related to the collapse of Korean virtual currency.

CEO Kwon Do-hyung, who issued Luna Terra, said that the company was doing well recently, but he told me yesterday that he could not find any special activity at the head office in Singapore. I visited

Reporter Park Chan-beom reports.


This is the Nasim area, a wealthy village in Singapore where high-end housing facilities are gathered.

The Terraform Labs corporate register shows that CEO Kwon Do-hyeong lives in an apartment here.

He followed the guard's instructions and made a log of his visit, and then he arrived at the front of the house.

[Neighbors: Are you looking for room ○○○○?


A Korean nursery rhyme plays in the house along with the cry of a baby.

From the sound of Inkigayo, it seems that there is a person inside.

I'm going to ask you if it's true that CEO Kwon is inside in a little while.

The door opened and a white man came out and asked if CEO Kwon was here, and he said he had come to the wrong place.

[White male: No, (CEO Kwon's house) not.]

When I hear a baby crying and a Korean nursery rhyme in the house, I just repeat the words that it is the wrong address.

[White male: (Do you have children? I heard Korean nursery rhymes.) No.

Wrong address.]

When asked if he knows CEO Kwon, he simply avoids answering.

[White man: Can you get out of here?] I

also visited the Korean embassy in Singapore to inquire about the whereabouts of CEO Kwon, but the embassy said that they did not even know where he currently resides.

It is said that there is no justification for ascertaining the address or whereabouts of CEO Kwon as the wanted order has not been issued.

Victims are also appearing in Singapore, but it is known that the local police have no plans to investigate.

[Yooji/Singapore Victim: In my personal opinion, there are no professional investigative personnel in relation to virtual currency here, and it seems to be an atmosphere of personal negligence.]

As the investigation by the Prosecutor's Office Financial Securities Crimes Unit is in full swing, he Tracking appears to be starting.

Separately from the Kwon case, the police also caught the suspicion of an employee of Terraform Labs embezzling corporate funds and requested the domestic cryptocurrency exchange to freeze the related funds.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyeon-cheol, video editing: Kim Kyung-yeon, CG: Seo Seung-hyun)

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