Not long ago, luxury bags and watches were traded with millions of won attached to them.

A Chanel bag, which was 14 million won until last January, is now being traded at 11.4 million won on a luxury used trading platform.

It was 2.6 million won in 4 months, and Rolex watches were once sold with more than 80% of the regular price, but now they are close to the regular price.

The second-hand market has been considered the culprit for explosively increasing the demand for luxury goods, but when you buy and use goods and put them on the market, the price does not go down and you can sell them at a higher price. There was even an open run phenomenon in which people lined up after hitting .

However, after Corona, which was focused on luxury goods, retaliatory consumption began to be dispersed through travel, etc., and this enthusiasm began to subside.