Since the start of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Anonymous has been on a crusade against the Russian government, stepping up actions against the Kremlin and its partners.

The hackers' first action was to take the website of the Russia Today (RT) channel offline.

This Saturday, the collective designated a new target on Twitter: the pro-Russian hackers of the Killnet group, as reported

by PhonAndroid


During the French presidential campaign, this group of hackers attacked Emmanuel Macron's website to denounce France's aid to Ukraine.

Several weeks ago, Killnet also attacked several Italian institutions including the Parliament, the army and the National Institute of Health.

At the end of April, this group had also targeted the Romanian government.

The #Anonymous collective is officially in cyber war against the pro-Russian hacker group #Killnet.

— Anonymous (@YourAnonOne) May 21, 2022

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Killnet website down

To fight against these repeated attacks, Anonymous has multiplied its actions against its new target.

Shortly after announcing a cyberwar against pro-Russian hackers, Anonymous announced that Killnet's official website was down.

Thus, hackers fighting against the Russian invasion of Ukraine hope to hinder the action of pro-Russian hackers, who in the past have attacked several sites linked to the governments of the United States, Poland, the Czech Republic and other NATO members.


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