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A man in his 60s who sprayed hydrochloric acid on his ex-lover has been arrested by the police.

Gyeonggi Buwonmi Police Station announced today (24th) that they are investigating Mr. A on suspicion of special injuries.

Person A is accused of spraying hydrochloric acid on Mr. B, a woman in her 60s, at a cafe in Simgok-dong, Bucheon-si around 10:53 a.m. that day. 

B, who received her hydrochloric acid, suffered first-degree burns to her face, neck, and both wrists and is being treated at the hospital. 

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It is understood that A and B were lovers in the past, started dating last year and broke up early this year. 

Person A is known to have stated in the police investigation that "I was angry at breaking up with Mr. B and committed a crime." 

The police are investigating the detailed motive for the crime against A.