Yang Seok-jo (49, 29th Judicial Research and Training Institute), the new chief of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office, said in his inaugural address on the 23rd, "We must no longer fall into the trap of 'excessive justice' and 'less justice' and make the mistake of escaping from the reality of the case. "He said.

Prosecutor Yang said, "Let's all work together for the fair and strict exercise of the prosecutor's power without the 'blind spots of the rule of law'."

Yang's inaugural address on this day is interpreted as a reversal of the resignation of his predecessor Shim Jae-cheol (53rd and 27th) of the Prosecutor's Office on the 20th.

At the time, former Prosecutor Shim indirectly criticized the so-called 'Yun Seok-yeol division' within the prosecution, saying, "There is a saying that excessive justice is cruel. Excessive justice is not true justice."

The newly arrived Prosecutor Yang is also classified as a 'Yun Seok-yeol line', and he has a bad relationship with former Prosecutor Shim.

When Yang was working as a senior research officer in the Anti-Corruption and Violence Department at the Supreme Prosecutor's Office, former Prosecutor Shim, who was then the head of the Anti-Corruption and Violence Department at the time, asked, "Are you a prosecutor?"

After that, Yang was relegated to the province.

At his inauguration ceremony, Prosecutor Yang also requested that "I ask you to do your best to establish an advanced financial order and eradicate corruption."

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(Photo = Yonhap News)