WhatsApp users who own an iPhone 5 or 5C will find themselves faced with a major problem.

From October 24, the messaging app will no longer work on their device,


reports .

WhatsApp announced the discontinuation of support for iOS 10 and 11 via a message addressed to users affected by this change.

Accounting and security issues?

For the majority of them, this won't really be a problem.

A simple update to their device's operating system will allow them to access the app's features normally.

But those who have an iPhone 5 or 5C in their possession will have more difficulty because these smartphones are no longer updated by the Apple brand.

The only solution to continue using WhatsApp will therefore be… to change the device.

If WhatsApp has not clearly indicated the reason why older versions of iOS were no longer supported, some specialists believe that it is compatibility issues but also security.

Currently, Apple is on version 15.5 of its operating system for iPhone and iPad.

The next major update will probably occur in September, during the traditional presentation of the new iPhones, namely the iPhone 14. The company has already promised its users an “important” update.

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