Chinese company cheats “Apple” with “iPhone 13” screens

 The American company “Apple” revealed that the Chinese manufacturer of “OLED” screens, in favor of receiving screens for the iPhone 13 that did not meet the specifications.

The "Arab Technology Gateway" website said that the Chinese screen manufacturer, BOE, may lose about 30 million orders from Apple to manufacture screens for the upcoming iPhone 14 due to fraud in the design of the iPhone 13 screens.

This came after Apple commissioned the Chinese company to manufacture iPhone 13 screens last October, but a large number of the Chinese company's screens failed to pass Apple's quality control checks.

And according to “sputnik”, “BOE” tried to solve this problem by changing the specifications of the screens without referring to Apple, and it is likely that the Chinese company suffered from low returns, which prompted it to cheat the screens that were to be supplied to Apple.

Apple ended its deal with BOE after discovering that the circuit widths of film transistors had changed across the OLED panels it made for the iPhone 13 earlier this year, making them thicker, and therefore easier to manufacture.

And reports revealed that the American “Apple” company is looking to expand its production capabilities outside China, and informed sources told the American “Wall Street Journal” newspaper, that one of the reasons for “Apple” thinking about taking this step is the strict policy currently imposed by Beijing to prevent the spread of the “Corona” virus. » Newer.

Analysts estimate that nearly 90% of Apple products are manufactured by contract manufacturers in China, making the US company's success vulnerable to the whims of the Chinese Communist Party, according to the newspaper.