There were 19,298 new confirmed cases of Corona 19 yesterday (21st).

As the epidemic continues to decline, from tomorrow, the results of the rapid antigen test will be recognized upon entry, and the number of visits to nursing hospitals will be expanded.

This is a report by reporter Kim Deok-hyun.


There were 19,298 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 yesterday.

19,274 cases were domestically infected, excluding 24 imported cases from overseas.

It has been down to the 10,000 level again in six days since the 16th, and the average number of confirmed cases per day for the past week also recorded the 20,000 level.

The number of patients with severe severe cases also decreased by 6 from yesterday to 229, showing a stable decline, continuing the level of 200 for the third day.

In the midst of this, the government is speeding up the recovery of daily life.

From tomorrow, when entering Korea from abroad, you can use the results of the rapid antigen test for experts in addition to the PCR test.

You can enter Korea with a negative rapid antigen test performed within 24 hours before entering the country.

Contact visits to nursing homes are also permitted for the time being indefinitely, but even those who have not received the vaccine due to an adverse reaction, etc. can make contact visits with a doctor's opinion.

The number of visits, which has been limited to less than 4, can now exceed 4 depending on the hospital or facility's judgment.

About 19,000 people received the 4th dose of COVID-19 yesterday, making the vaccination rate 7.4% for the entire nation and 26.8% for those aged 60 and over.