The name sounds like a big, wide world.

Everything else is, according to what you hear from Eggenfelden in Lower Bavaria, down to earth.

The family company Daytona, whose bosses are considered to be extraordinarily reserved when it comes to public relations, doesn't make a big fuss about itself or its products.

You trust it: they speak for themselves.

Walter Will

“Technology and Engine” editorial team

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The reputation of the Daytona brand is considered unshakable, at least in Germany.

For example, when the magazine "Motorrad" asks its readers about the reputation of manufacturers every year, Daytona always wins in the category of motorcycle boots.

This year for the 17th time in a row.

We always find it difficult to write anything about products from Berta Frey & Söhne oHG daytona Schuhfabrik because there is a risk of falling into praise.

We haven't found a way to avoid this yet.

We haven't seen for ourselves what it looks like in production.

Everything is "Made in Germany", it says, every single work step is carried out by hand by the employees in Eggenfelden: leather parts are punched, sewn, sanded, sealed, taped, polished, checked.

Around 120 parts make a boot.

Waterproof models are lined with a three- or four-layer laminate with a Gore-Tex membrane.

This is placed between the lining and the leather.

According to a press release from 2020, 140 employees assemble around 70,000 pairs of boots a year.

Daytonas are expensive

So they can last forever.

We've noticed that ourselves, have been using a pair of waterproof touring boots since 2007 and a pair of sports boots for 15 years.

Such a long service life puts the high prices into perspective, and in the event that something is no longer tip-top or waterproof, there is a factory repair service in Lower Bavaria.

This is sustainability not as a ploy, but out of honor as a craftsman.

Extended product cycles and economical model change policy fit into the picture.

The AC Classics GTX short-shaft boot for 310 euros is still quite new in the range.

Daytona thinks that Luis Trenker – for the younger ones: screen legend from way back when, “The Call of the Mountains”, first ascent of the Matterhorn – would have enjoyed these boots.

In fact, it looks like a nostalgic mountain boot with a rubber sole, but it is mainly retro-style footwear for cruiser and classic fans.

If you take the nubuck leather shoes out of the typical silver-colored Daytona box with red lettering, it smells like it used to be in a cobbler's shop.

Comfortable, despite extensive protective equipment

A pair in size 45 weighs almost two kilos.

The GTX, available in brown or black, initially seems a bit bulky - one could also say: geared towards safety - but is then quite comfortable from the first step, despite extensive protective equipment.

There are no pseudo protectors on the ankles, but real protectors, the plastic-reinforced insole has a hot-dip galvanized steel insert.

The entire construction appears torsion-resistant, yet the boots roll comfortably.

The elastic shaft edge is also beneficial for wearing comfort.

The lacing is decorative;

Zippers on the inside covered with Velcro are used for putting on and taking off, loops on the back are helpful.

The integrated "More Seasons" membrane from Gore is supposed to ensure waterproofness.

It is in the nature of things that a short-shafted boot does not offer the lower leg the same protection as a long-shafted boot.

First impression: once again extremely solid.

In 15 years we will know more and will report.

If the author lasts that long.