A man in his 60s was arrested last night (20th) by the police on charges of throwing a bowl at Lee Jae-myung, a Democratic Party candidate, who was running in Gyeyang, Incheon by-election.

The candidate said no one was seriously injured.

Correspondent Ahn Hee-jae.


Candidate Jae-myung Lee was campaigning in a food alley in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon around 9:30 last night.

While filming with his supporters, something suddenly falls over the candidate's head.

[Right, right!

Police, Police!]

What came to this candidate was a stainless steel bowl, and the police caught a man in his 60s who appeared to have thrown it.

"Fortunately, the candidate was not seriously injured," Lee said.

The police have booked the male perpetrator on charges of obstruction of justice, etc., and are investigating the exact motive for the crime.


An SUV driving on a dark highway suddenly slows down, and a startled truck passes by with a honking horn.

At around 2:10 a.m. today, a report came in that there was a vehicle suspected of drunk driving near the Cheonan Walnut Rest Area on the Gyeongbu Expressway.

[Song Young-hoon / Witness: I went staggering, and there was a risk of an accident, so I reported it to the police.]

The police dispatched the vehicle and caught it, and the 38-year-old driver's blood alcohol level was at the level of license revocation.

Police charged the man with drunk driving.


At around 11 pm last night, near the entrance rest area on the Gyeongbu Expressway, a truck driven by a 39-year-old driver caught fire, and it went out in about 40 minutes.

Fire officials are weighing the possibility that the fire was caused by an engine overheating.