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number of new COVID-19 cases reached 20,000, the lowest in 16 weeks as of the announcement on Saturday.

However, as mutations that evade immunity appear, analysis is coming out that the period of re-infestation may be pulled into summer.

In the United States, the target of the fourth booster vaccination has been expanded to 50.

Correspondent Park Jae-hyun.


There were 23,462 new confirmed cases of Corona 19 yesterday (20th).

As of Saturday's announcement, this is the lowest figure in 16 weeks since January 29.

Compared to the same day last week, the number decreased by about 6,100.

The number of patients with severe severe cases was 235, a decrease of 16 from yesterday, continuing the level of 200 for the third day.

The death toll stood at 26, a double-digit figure for 22 days since the 30th of last month.

Although the current trend continues to decline, the government has released an analysis that the resurgence expected in the fall can be pulled into the summer.

This is because immunity due to vaccination decreases over time, and the number of mutations that avoid immunity is increasing.

For this reason, the government has also delayed the release of quarantine for confirmed cases, but the possibility of a resurgence cannot be ruled out.

[Kim Heon-joo / Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters 1st Vice Head: Even under the premise of maintaining quarantine obligations, depending on the effect of reducing immunity, there is a possibility that the epidemic will start again this summer and reach a peak around September or October.]

The quarantine authorities said that the rate of the 4th dose in Korea over the age of 60 is stagnant, and again urged them to participate in additional vaccinations to prevent aggravation and death.

In the United States, as the number of confirmed cases more than doubled in one month due to the spread of the mutated virus, the recommended target for the fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was expanded from 65 years old or older to 50 years old or older.