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Dramas, action movies, documentaries and comedies hit theaters on


20 .

Here are

all the premieres of the week.

THE TAILOR OF THE MAFIA (Intrigue with Mark Rylance)

Leonard (

Mark Rylance

) is

a tailor working in Chicago in the 1950s


He is good at his job.

But he is better at keeping secrets from his clients.

A circumstance that will lead him to find himself involved in a

mess between gangs

when he has to hide objects from the gangsters who use his place as a trading space.

THE WEAPON OF DECEPTION (Thriller with Colin Firth)

Colin Firth

is the protagonist of a thriller that recalls a

hoax that the Allies concocted to confuse the Nazis during World War II.

This operation, known as 'Carne minced', is the central axis of a


in which Spain has a key importance as real history has proven.

CINCO LOBITOS (Spanish drama that triumphed at the Malaga Festival)

Being a mother is not an easy task.

It requires patience, affection, love... and a lot of help.

Factors that, in the case of the protagonist of

a drama that she swept her way through the Malaga Festival

, do not abound.

Amaia (

Laia Costa

) is a young mother whose circumstances lead her to return to her parents' house with a mother (

Susi Sánchez

) who does not know how to treat her in the best way.

GAME OF ASSASSINS (Action with Gerard Butler)

A swindler, a hitman and a police officer

are the three protagonists of this action film.

Three characters who play cat and mouse with each other in a spiral of verbal and physical violence.

Gerard Butler is the star of this film.


Santi Millán, Natalia de Molina, Carlos Areces, Malena Alterio are some of the stars of


, a comedy with a lot of black humor set in an office.

Oliver Stone returns with his theories on the assassination of President Kennedy with the documentary



The Costa Rican drama


, the Russian film


, and the documentary


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