It was decided by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea that restricting the membership of only men based on academic background and occupation in a dating app that arranges meetings between the opposite sexes is not an act of discrimination.

The Human Rights Commission said that it is rejecting the complaint that it is discriminatory that a dating app restricts membership to male members only based on specific schools and occupations, unlike females.

This dating app, developed in 2015, can be signed up for men only if they meet the conditions of professionals such as doctors and lawyers, and graduates of prestigious universities.

On the other hand, women have no restrictions on membership, and may not disclose their workplace and salary.

The Human Rights Commission judged that this app operation method was not discriminatory, saying that it was a profit-oriented business strategy.

'Different subscription conditions are a customized service based on the fact that different preferences are based on gender,' he explained.

However, he recommended improvement, saying that this subscription method can promote sexist prejudice.