A court decision has been made to allow civic groups to gather near the Yongsan Presidential Office tomorrow (21st), when the Korea-US summit will be held.

According to the court today (20th), the 13th Administrative Division of the Seoul Administrative Court (Chief Judge Park Jeong-dae) partially cited the application for suspension of enforcement (suspension of effect) filed by the Solidarity for Participation in dissatisfaction with the Seoul Yongsan Police Station's disposition to ban assemblies.

As a result of the court decision, the Solidarity for Participation is expected to hold a rally in front of the President's Office tomorrow.

However, the method and scope of the assembly that the court has decided to allow has not been specifically known.

The Solidarity for Participation filed a report to the police that it would hold a press conference and rally in front of the Ministry of National Defense and the War Memorial of Korea claiming 'implementation of the North-South agreement and peace on the Korean Peninsula'.

(Photo = Yonhap News)