5 tips to counter the threats of ransomware hackers

Kaspersky, the international company specialized in electronic security and digital privacy, reported that the attacks of gangs and ransomware hackers have witnessed several new variables at the international level that have increased the intensity of threats, which requires implementing a number of instructions to confront these attacks.

She explained, "The company has monitored the extensive use of its capabilities by ransomware gangs across various platforms, as it seeks to harm as many platforms as possible using the malware itself, by writing software code that can be executed on many operating systems simultaneously.

Also, In early 2022, ransomware gangs continued their activities to facilitate their business operations, and this included changing their names regularly to distract the authorities from them, and enabling them to update their malicious tools. Some gangs developed and implemented complete toolkits similar to those of official software companies.

She added that it is important to implement a number of Among the steps and instructions, especially from companies, to confront the intensity of ransomware attacks, which targeted a large number of them during the past year, noting that the most prominent of these steps include:

  • Always keep software up to date on all devices to prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities and infiltrating corporate networks.

  • Defensive strategy focus on detecting lateral movements of data, especially traffic to the Internet, to discover potential cybercriminal connections to the corporate network.

    Backups should be made and kept in an offline environment to prevent hackers from tampering with them, and to be accessible quickly in an emergency.

  • Enable ransomware protection mechanisms at all endpoints to protect computers and servers from threats of ransomware and other types of malware, and prevent exploits, and this solution is compatible with other security solutions.

  •  Install Advanced Persistent Threat Combat and Endpoint Threat Detection and Response solutions, enabling timely detection, investigation, and response to threats.

  • Providing the Security Operations Center team with the latest threat information and providing it with skills regularly through specialized professional training.

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