U.S. President Joe Biden will come to Korea today (20th), and the Korea-U.S. summit will be held tomorrow with President Yoon Seok-yeol.

And tomorrow evening, an official dinner will be held at the National Museum of Korea, and some say it is a good opportunity to introduce our cultural assets, but there are also voices of dissatisfaction among those who have made a reservation in advance.

About 80 officials from both countries will have a dinner tomorrow at 7pm in the permanent exhibition hall of the museum.

Before and after the dinner, the schedule for visiting cultural assets such as the Banga Saiyu statue is also being considered.

The National Museum of Korea announced the day before, "All facilities except for the special exhibition room will be temporarily closed on the 21st."

The special exhibition room with the late Chairman Lee Kun-hee's collection is also open until 2:30 pm for reservations.

If the tour is canceled, you will be able to select a different time to watch it.

However, those who made a reservation in advance according to the schedule are complaining, 'Are you notified of important changes only three days in advance?'

Some pointed out that bringing food into the museum is prohibited, and some voiced whether it is appropriate as a place for a dinner party.

On the other hand, there are many opinions that it is an opportunity to introduce our cultural assets and that it will add dignity to the banquet hall.