A new 'Amazon vampire' is attacking fish and people, giving Brazilian authorities a headache.

There are reports of damage from the so-called 'vampire fish' that burrows into a human body with a small head and soft body and sucks blood.

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According to a report by Globu TV in Brazil on the 18th local time, it was confirmed that a small fish called 'Candiru' enters the body of another fish and sucks blood or parasitizes in the gills, causing the fish to die.

In addition, recently, the number of cases where the fish penetrates into the bodies of people who swim in rivers and visits the hospital is increasing.

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In fact, it is known that about 10 cases of 'vampire fish' damage have been reported in the state of Hondonia in northern Brazil this year.

Once these fish get into the human body, they can only be removed surgically.

Urology doctor Oazimiu Monteiro said, "After swimming in a river in the Amazon region, there are a lot of patients who come to the hospital saying they can't urinate with abdominal pain."

In addition, biologist Adriano Marcins warned that "the Kanjiru, which lives only in rivers in the Amazon rainforest, has a small head and very soft body, making it difficult to detect even if it enters a human body."

(Photo and video = YouTube river monster)