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In the future, those who have committed the crime of stalking will be banned from possessing weapons such as guns, swords, and explosives.

The National Police Agency made a notice of legislation on the 17th of the 'Partial Amendment to the Act on the Safety Management of Guns, Swords, and Explosives (Guns and Explosives Act)'.

According to the amendment bill, the reason for the amendment was explained to the effect of "to secure the effectiveness of the safety management and permit system for guns, swords, and explosives, and to strengthen safety management."

The most notable thing about this amendment is that in the Act on Punishment of Stalking Crimes (Stalking Punishment Act), 'stalking crime' was added as a reason for disqualification from possession of guns, swords, and explosives.

Even now, permission to possess a person with a history of stalking is being denied based on Article 13 (2) of the Firearms and Explosives Act.

As there are many cases where stalking leads to violent crimes, the government has strengthened the grounds for disqualification.

In accordance with this policy, a person within five years of being sentenced to a fine under the Stalking Punishment Act or sentenced to a probation of imprisonment without prison labor or higher for less than five years from the end of the grace period may possess weapons such as guns, swords, and explosives. there is going to be no

In addition, this amendment stipulates that licenses for manufacturers, sales and rental companies of guns, etc. and installers of explosives storage facilities must be renewed every five years with the purpose of suppressing the generation of illegal weapons and regularly checking whether or not the reasons for disqualification are applicable.

Holders of swords, spray guns, electroshock weapons, and crossbows also need to have their license renewed every five years, and the scope of weapons requested to be destroyed by the permitting authority has been expanded from 'guns and explosives' to 'swords, spray guns, stun guns, and crossbows' It's possible.