Europe 1 with AFP 6:22 p.m., May 18, 2022

Two teenagers have been taken into custody after threatening a teacher with a fake weapon.

The facts took place in a 5th grade class at a college in Besançon, located in a sensitive area of ​​the city.

The two boys were not part of the establishment. 

Two minors were placed in police custody on Tuesday near Besançon in the Doubs.

After bursting into a college, the two boys threatened a teacher with a weapon that ultimately turned out to be fake, AFP learned from public prosecutor Etienne Manteaux.

According to the rectorate, two boys, outside the establishment, entered a 5th grade class and began to disrupt an English lesson before brandishing a weapon in the direction of the teacher who was trying to intervene.

The establishment is located in a sensitive area of ​​Besançon.

The two minors, already known to the police according to

L'Est Républicain

, fled but were arrested shortly afterwards.

The prosecution was to extend the police custody of these two young boys aged "13 years old" on Wednesday, said Etienne Manteaux who will hold a press briefing on Thursday at 4 p.m. on this file. 

A psychological cell has been opened 

According to the rectorate, the teacher and the principal of the college in question filed a complaint.

"The teacher was taken care of immediately after the facts by the school nurse, there was a shock effect", indicated the rectorate, without being able to specify whether the English teacher was going to benefit from a stoppage of work.



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"A psychological cell has been set up within the establishment, in particular to collect the words of the students who witnessed the scene. And a mobile security team has been deployed in the establishment", continued the rectorate.

These mobile security teams back up the school life teams in the event of an incident.

The parents of students were also quickly informed of the situation.