Unlike voice phishing, which has been widely known so far, we reported on yesterday (17th) that there was even a method to get gold bars through a gold exchange. There is.

Recently, a convenience store employee used his wits to prevent damage. 

Correspondent Kim Min-joon reported. 


A convenience store in Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do. 

A woman in her 60s checks text messages on her cell phone in front of her convenience store checkout, and she hands her staff money for all the gift cards in the store.

[Convenience store employee: I heard there is a 'gift card', so I need to get about 400,000 won...


She asked where she was going to spend and she decided to play a game with her daughter…


The employee, feeling strange at the rush, decided to check the message.

A text message arrived the moment she handed her phone after she offered to recharge her low battery.

She calls the woman her mom, and the person who sent her texts said she "borrowed someone else's cell phone" and demanded that she "buy a gift card and take a picture of the serial number on the back."

It was a voice phishing scam that disguised as an acquaintance or family member and asked for a pin number or product code via text message.

This is the 'gift card' used in the crime.

You can easily get it at any convenience store.

You can use it like cash by entering the product code on the back of the card online.

When the method of directly meeting the victim and extorting money does not work, the voice phishing organization uses means that are easy to exchange for cash, such as gift cards or gold bars.

The employee who persuaded Mr. A by showing the text message was able to prevent the damage by reporting it to the police.

The police, who presented the certificate of commendation to a convenience store employee, urged them to check the contents of text messages requesting gift card or gift certificate numbers.

(Video coverage: Choi Jun-sik, video editing: Lee So-young)