It is a phenomenon that has made people talk all over France: a luminous streak was seen in the sky by many people on the night of this Sunday 15 to this Monday 16 May.

Some even managed to capture the moment on video.

It's not an invasion, here's a starlink train!

I had a lot of questions, many people saw this train in the sky, it happens frequently given the number of satellite launches!

These are the SpaceX satellites dedicated to giving internet to the whole globe.

— SpaceScience🌟 (@SpaceScience_) May 8, 2021

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Presumably a train of Space X satellites

A sign of extraterrestrial life?

Not really in all likelihood.

It would rather be a train of satellites, as


specifies, which relayed the testimony of a resident of Maine-et-Loire.

This train of satellites could well belong to the company Space X, led by Elon Musk.

This company regularly sends mini-satellites into space as part of its Starlink project, which aims to provide a better Internet network to the entire planet.

A phenomenon already observed in France

However, Space X had announced the launch of 53 new satellites this weekend, which seems to correspond with the trail observed in the sky on Sunday.

This type of luminous phenomena is not new, it was observed in particular in the Toulouse region in April 2020 or even in Isère in 2021, recalls BFMTV.


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