Strawberry or banana pickles, cola or pineapple onions, lemon capers... these are the first

candy-flavored pickles

that Delicias Agrucapers, a Spanish company dedicated to the production and marketing of capers and pickles, has launched on the market. hand of the renowned

Martín Berasategui


The original products have been supervised by the award-winning chef (with 12 Michelin stars), the firm's gastronomic advisor and to whom he has been associated since 2018.

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber, pickles are highly healthy foods and the marketing in Spain and other international markets of this line is

specially designed so that the little ones can have a healthy


or snack

with all the nutritional values ​​of the diet Mediterranean.

"I am delighted with Agrucapers, a company that has made history, leaders in what they do and non-conformists by nature. They, among the best products, and I, among casseroles, have made a

twinning of two families that together are going to conquer the world

", Berasategui declared.

Chef Berasategui supervising pickles at the Delicias Agrucapers factory.

In addition to the aforementioned


, and continuing with the goal of creating healthy and original snacks, the brand and Berasategui have also opted for a new line of spicy pickles with flavors, suitable only for the most daring.

Orange flavor pickles, lemon flavor capers, cheese flavor onions and ham flavor garlic with spicy touches,

100% natural, are some of these creations.

"A variety that does not currently exist on the market", according to the CEO of Agrucapers, José Manuel Pelegrín, who thanks Martín Berasategui for his support in this new line of spicy pickles that they have jointly developed.

Special Flavors Kids lots.

The products, according to the brand based in Águilas (Murcia) with more than 50 years of experience and presence in more than 60 countries, are achieving considerable success both in Spain and in international markets.

All of them and a wide variety of thematic


can be purchased on the firm's website (

The Sabores Kids


, with four jars of 370 ml each (strawberry-flavored pickles; banana-flavored pickles, pineapple-flavored onions and cola-flavored onions), and the

Mix Flavors pack

(orange-flavored pickles, lemon-flavored capers, garlic-flavored cloves ham and cheese-flavoured onions) are priced at 14.95 euros.

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