"Marrying a foreign woman annoys XXX people. It's because she's shy, so she doesn't want to bring her along. There are all XX like beggars. They're just like idiots."

A public official at a community center in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul is shocked when he pours out abusive language toward a multicultural citizen, a civil servant.

In addition, the public official who made the remarks in question aroused anger once again by saying to the civil servant, 'I treated the civil servant with arrogant thoughts because I thought I would get married well because I am a level 9 civil servant.

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A civil petitioner who appeared on a radio program today (17th) revealed that he had inquired about the resident registration procedure of a foreign wife at a community center in Eunpyeong-gu last August, but heard bad words from a public official.

Mr. A recalled the situation at the time, saying, "I was trying to hang up (after the inquiry), but (the official in charge) suddenly said a lot of abusive language."

At the time, Mr. A said that he had no place to take notes, so he was recording the conversation, and in the meantime he heard abusive language.

Mr. A said, "I was so absurd, so I paused for a while and then called to protest. When I asked why he sweared so badly, at first he made excuses by saying that he didn't curse at me, but then he had no choice but to admit it. I said I wanted to," he said.

However, the official's rude remarks continued even at the apology session.

Mr. A released a transcript of the conversation at the time, saying, "We met at a coffee shop that evening. (The public official) didn't come alone, but came with a senior at work."

A public official in the audio file said, "It's not something I'm talking about to my teacher (Mr. A), it seems like I'm using it as a means of not getting married until late and just having a little child. I saw it in the media..."

At this, Mr. A said, "I didn't admit my mistake, it was just an excuse.

Person A, who continued to speak, said, "(The official said in the end), 'I think he is a level 9 civil servant, so he thought that he would meet a good person and get married well. He said, "I heard that because I am a 9th grade civil servant, I will get married well in the future, but since you are not such a great person, I heard that you were not married to a Korean and married a foreign woman."

He said, "A Kyrgyzstan wife is from a prestigious family, and she has never been treated like this before, but she was treated like a mistress by a government official just because she married a Korean man. He seems to be thinking a lot about whether there is," he said sadly.

In response, the host said, "Even if she is not from a prestigious family, this doesn't make any sense."

Finally, Mr. A said that 9 months had passed since the incident, but there were no follow-up measures such as an apology phone call, and he explained why he decided to publicize it.

Person A said, "It felt like I was just trying to make the case as if it never happened," he said.

Several netizens who heard the naked profanity of a civil servant in Eunpyeong-gu as upbringing said it was shocking and poured out criticisms such as "I do not want to pay a salary to such a public official with my taxes", "I know the world is afraid of the world if I get disciplined because of a lawsuit."

In addition, on the bulletin board of the website of Eunpyeong-gu Office, angry voices demanding disciplinary action from grade 9 public officials are being posted in real time.

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