Controversy has arisen over the claim that a large number of corn kernels came out of the beef giblets purchased through an online shopping mall. 

Yesterday (16th), an article titled 'Reviews from people who bought giblets on the Internet' was posted on an online community. 

Author A said, "I bought giblets through online shopping, and every time I cut them, they were full of undigested corn, so I wrote a review." 

He continued, "Does the review disappear if I process a refund? I can't see my review. I posted this to people who bought this giblets, 'Because it may come out with foreign substances, please take note when buying.'" He claimed that the review had been deleted. 

The photo attached by Mr. A shows the cut cross section of the giblets and corn kernels embedded with the giblets. 

Netizens who heard the story showed shocking reactions, such as "Cleanliness is important for gut food such as giblets, but it's too much", "Things like that need to be disclosed", "Isn't it corn kernels used for cattle feed?" 

On the other hand, if you find foreign substances in purchased food, you can report it to the Integrated Reporting Center for Illegal and Defective Food (1399 without an area code) or the food safety information application 'My Hand'.

(Photo = online community capture)