Eloïse Bertil 5:00 a.m., May 17, 2022

EVENT - In "L'Ombre", the first Original podcast produced by Spotify and Europe 1 Studio, journalist Chloé Triomphe goes back in time in search of the shadow that, for 19 years, hovered over the Estelle Mouzin affair: that of the serial killer Michel Fourniret. 


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On January 9, 2003, in the early evening, Eric Mouzin learned from a phone call from his ex-spouse that their 9-year-old daughter Estelle had not returned home after school in the small town of Guermantes in Seine-et-Marne.

On the way back, after saying goodbye to her friends, little Estelle disappeared.

Despite all the means implemented to find her, the truth about Estelle's mysterious disappearance only really emerges 17 years later, in 2020. Confessions from a potential suspect yet targeted from the first months of the survey: Michel Fourniret.

Could we have known the truth sooner?

To find out, you have to go back in time in search of this “shadow” which has always hovered over the Estelle Mouzin affair.

This is the mission that Chloé Triomphe, police-justice journalist for almost ten years at Europe 1, has given herself by proposing an unprecedented counter-investigation on this criminal file which has marked the French.

In the “L'Ombre” podcast, Chloé Triomphe returns to these leads that were ruled out from the start, which perhaps already constituted valuable clues in this great criminal enigma.

Over the course of the episodes, she studies every trace, every alibi, following the common thread that ultimately leads, after many detours and at the cost of so many wasted years, to the involvement of Michel Fourniret. 

Want to listen to episodes of this podcast?

"L'ombre" is a podcast of five episodes of about thirty minutes each, to be found free of charge and exclusively on the Spotify listening platform.

“L'Ombre” is also the story of a father, that of Estelle.

A father who fought for all these years to get answers to the disappearance of his daughter, and who agreed to tell Chloé Triomphe's microphone how he experienced this long and chaotic investigation.

In this native podcast, Eric Mouzin speaks with great emotion about this affair which for a long time seemed endless to him in the face of the silence of Michel Fourniret, until the serial killer admitted in 2020 to having “taken the life” of 'Is she.

Other speakers come to complete his testimony and reveal behind the scenes of the case: his lawyers Me Hermann and Seban, or even Me Delegnes, the lawyer of Monique Olivier, ex-wife of Michel Fourniret. 

"L'Ombre", an Original podcast produced by Spotify and Europe 1 Studio

Journalist: Chloe Triomphe

Director: Christophe Daviaud

Production Europe 1 Studio: Fannie Rascle 

Spotify production: Laura Cordier and Claire Hazan