Recently, an article hosting a gathering of ex-convicts was posted on a used platform, causing controversy.

On the 14th, an article was posted on a used trading app.

It was an article about recruiting people to eat together with the title of 'Eat a free dinner until the 2nd round'.

But there are conditions.

Only ex-convicts get it.

The author wrote, 'You need to be certified with electronic anklets or stories of going to prison,' and 'We serve people who are guaranteed to play with certain criminals and receive human rights guarantees'.

Among the netizens who read the article, reactions such as 'It looks dangerous' and 'If we get together and make a promise to a new life, it will look good, but it doesn't seem like that kind of meeting' followed.

Some commented that 'regardless of the authenticity of the article, it is a problem in itself that these articles are uploaded to used trading apps that can be viewed by ordinary citizens'.

The post was eventually deleted.

A person in charge of the used trading app explained that many users reported it, and it was deleted immediately because it was determined that there could be cases where the article in question could be imitated.