As social distancing was lifted, the number of drunk driving accidents increased significantly, but in Jeju, a tourist crashed into two motorcycles while drinking and driving.

One person in his 20s was killed while working as a delivery man, and one in his 30s was seriously injured.

This is JIBS reporter Kim Yeon-sun.


One motorcycle enters the intersection where the flashing traffic lights are flashing.

Just as I was about to make a right turn, a black car hit my motorcycle.

People flock to the scene of the accident, and a police car and 119 ambulance arrive.

Today (16th) around 2:20 a.m., at an intersection in downtown Jeju, two delivery motorcycles were hit by a car driven by a tourist in his 20s.

In this accident, a 24-year-old motorcyclist B was killed and another motorcyclist, 35-year-old C, was seriously injured.

Both motorcycles suffered catastrophe while delivering food.

[Kim Jeom-soon / Accident Witness: I heard a loud noise and thought I had hit the store, and when I came out, one motorcycle was over there and one was here…


Police believe that the car that Mr. A was driving struck a motorcycle at the intersection here and then hit a motorcycle coming from the other side in succession.

At the time of the accident, it is known that Mr. A had been drinking to the level of suspension of his license.

The police are investigating whether Mr. A is charged with drunk driving and murder, and whether the charge of aiding drunk driving can be applied to the passenger.

In addition, we plan to request an appraisal to check whether or not you are speeding.

The police are planning to strengthen the crackdown on the number of fatal accidents caused by drunk driving.

(Video coverage: Yoon In-soo JIBS)