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The story of a resident of an apartment building using the underground parking lot as a personal gym and receiving a request to demolish it is a hot topic.


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Not long ago, an article titled 'a resident who built a personal gym in an underground parking lot of an apartment' was posted on an online community.

Author A shared a notice attached to the apartment he lived in, along with a photo of exercise equipment such as parallel bars and barbells installed in the underground parking lot. " was written.

Mr. A also shared a notice written last September saying that a similar thing happened last year.

At that time, the notice contained a photo of a sandbag hanging on the underground parking lot plumbing, along with the message "Please remove it because it is not aesthetically pleasing and there is a problem with the safety of the plumbing."

In response, Mr. A assumed that it was the same person.

Netizens responded, “I will go to a real gym when I have time to install it myself!”, “Why are there so many people who don’t know the meaning of apartment houses these days?!”

(Screen source: Online community)