• With 5 million vinyl records sold in 2021, the craze for the microgroove has long since passed the fad.

  • In addition to listening to


    , listening to vinyl reconnects with the pleasure of the object-disk and analog sound.

  • From a few tens of euros for a basic record player to several thousand euros for a complete vinyl audiophile set, everyone can equip themselves according to their use and budget.

It turns for the vinyl record!

In 2021, the French bought five million units (source: SNEP).

Young people eager to build a physical discotheque by combining new releases and

back catalogues

, and seniors rediscovering cakes put away in the closet... many are those who now combine the listening of dematerialized music thanks to


platforms such as Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music, and listening to physical music on vinyl.

To spin his patties, the record player or the turntable remain a must.

And there, the choice is vast: from the basic record player with often vintage aesthetics, to the hyperdesign turntable, the budget varies at auction: from 50 euros to several hundred, even several thousand euros.

If you want to equip yourself, "20 Minutes" reveals some shopping ideas.

The vintage: MT-201 BTG, from Muse

The audio brand Muse specializes in the edition of


record players .

Available in different colors, its MT-201 BTG model charms at first sight with its

perfectly assumed

vintage look.

Connected to the mains, the device which can play 45 trs, 33 trs and 78 trs is autonomous and has its own loudspeakers.

But the originality here consists in the possibility of encoding on the fly its discs in MP3, directly on a USB key.

Enough to save the old family cakes, then integrate them into dedicated playlists.

The sweet sound of creaking is a bonus!

69 euros.

Our opinion:

In the form of a suitcase, this record player looks like a model from the 1960s, with its imitation leather adornment and its metal parts with a brass finish.

If its two front speakers deliver average quality sound (2 x 5 watts), you can console yourself by plugging the device (which has RCA outputs) into an amplifier.

Recording on USB key is a real plus and offers a healthy bridge between analog and digital.

The Nomad: Victrola Revolution GO

Recalling in its concept the record players of yesteryear, the Revolution GO record player is multidisciplinary.

Mobile and battery-operated (autonomy: up to 12 hours), it incorporates its own sound system, with loudspeakers housed in the front.

With a belt drive, the device is semi-automatic.

It is coupled with a Bluetooth 5.0 function, thanks to which it is possible to use Revolution GO as a speaker to listen to music from your smartphone on its speakers.

Another advantage: the possibility of


your vinyl to any Bluetooth speaker.

At home, its removable cover can be used once turned around as a support to store five vinyl records vertically.

249 euros.

Our opinion:

Although of a very plastic construction, this turntable with a retro look remains playful.

While it has a retractable handle, it is also possible to combine it with a carrying strap on the go.

Weighing 3 kg, its weight is not a handicap.

The vinyl


function is a real plus, which allows you to listen to your records on the Bluetooth speakers you already have.

The design: AT-LPW30BK from Audio-technica

Distinguished by its wooden design (black or natural finish), the AT-LPW30TK turntable offers a nice


of design and technicality.

Belt-driven, this model (33 rpm and 45 rpm) has an “in-house” cell (VM95C) with a conical diamond, supposed to reduce distortion.

Its molded aluminum platter adds to the stability of the reading.

The set will be suitable for moderate and regular use.

339 euros.

Our opinion:

The Japanese brand Audio-technica knows how to offer quality products at moderate prices.

With a preamplifier, this consumer turntable has the advantage of being able to be directly connected to an audio system.

Thus, no need to invest in an amplifier and speakers, a single speaker with RCA sockets is enough.

Manual, it requires handling an arm that has no automation.

The iconic: SL-1200M7L, from Technics

Available in seven colors, the Technics SL-1200M7L turntable edition celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of its sibling, the SL-1200.

In limited version, this turntable incorporates a new direct-drive motor that now offers smooth rotation.

In the shape of an "S", its tonearm is extremely stable.

Combined with the possibility of reverse playback for 45 trs, 33 trs and 78 trs, it is conducive to the creativity of DJs (for


, in particular).

1,099 euros.

Our opinion:

The world of the night and its DJs turned the discs and moved the bodies on this turntable which has become legendary.

In addition to the beautiful object that one may want to own, this new edition marks a slight evolution of an iconic device perfectly adapted to the world of DJing (with in particular an adjustable brake, housing for a spare cell, etc.).

The purist: LX X Platinum, from La Boîte concept

Combining belt-driven turntable and sound cabinet (also sold separately), the LX X Platine from La Boîte concept offers purists a unique experience.

Behind Samuel Accoceberry's careful design, the set is

plug and play,

without wiring or adjustment, and develops through its five loudspeakers a total power of 315 watts.

Bluetooth 4.2, its connectivity also allows it to be associated with a CD player, a TV


or a computer.

From 3,490 euros


Our opinion:

La Boîte concept is driven by a family passion.

At the head of the company, Thimothée Cagniard (descendant of the founder of the loudspeaker brand Siare) has an eye for detail.

Behind the beauty of the object in oak or solid walnut, its LX X Platine is a complete device with an exceptional sound, the power of which will make it possible to add sound to a space of up to 200 m2.

Based on the combination of two


on the front, a


subwoofer and two rear midranges (providing spatialized stereo), this certainly very expensive equipment can satisfy aesthetes.

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