The Democratic Party has expelled Rep. Park Wan-joo, who is accused of sexual assault by a staff member.

Rep. Park, who made her first statement yesterday (15th), apologized to many, but did not apologize to the victims.

Correspondent Kang Cheong-wan.

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Democratic Party held a general assembly this morning and expelled Rep. Park Wan-joo, who was accused of sexual assault.

The Democratic Party said it did not proceed with a vote, but said the bill was ultimately passed unanimously without opposition.

He then explained that he would follow related procedures, such as filing a complaint with the Special Ethics Committee of the National Assembly.

Rep. Park is suspected of attempting a second assault, such as trying to sexually assault the victim, who is her assistant, at the end of last year, and then trying to cover up and cover up the incident.

When the victim reported the damage to the party, there were also suspicions that Rep. Park attempted to forcibly remove the victim from office.

Rep. Park released his position through a text message yesterday, three days after the incident.

He said, "It is painful for the party and me, but I inevitably chose the path of my expulsion," he said.

He also said, "Please bear with it and watch what started," he concluded by saying, "I'm only sorry to many."

The victim plans to file a complaint today against Rep. Park, who tried to forcibly remove her from office as well as sexual assault on charges of abuse of power.