Yesterday (16th) morning in Geoje, Gyeongnam, a helicopter carrying construction materials crashed.

In the accident, the captain in his 60s was killed and two others, including the first officer, were seriously injured.

This is KNN reporter Kim Min-wook.

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helicopter crashed from 460 meters above sea level near the summit of Seonjasan in Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do at around 9 am yesterday, and the captain in his 60s died in the accident, and the first officer in his 60s and a mechanic in his 30s were seriously injured and are receiving treatment.

Rescue was difficult, such as it took an hour to reach the site of 119-ga, as it was necessary to identify the location of the report and climb a mountain to access the site.

[Kim Jin-yeol / Geoje Fire Station Command Team Leader: Because the distance is far, I received a report around 9:04, but the hike takes 25-30 minutes here.

That's why it took quite a while...


The helicopter crashed on the slope of the 9th ridge of Mt.

As you can see from the crash, the helicopter's windows are shattered.

The helicopter in the accident was put in for the purpose of transporting materials to create a forest road, such as a pavilion, where Geoje City is a resting place.

It is a helicopter that Gyeongnam Province has contracted with a civil airline and borrowed it.

In response to the criticism that it is an old helicopter, Gyeongnam Province said that it will maintain parts and engines if it is operated for a certain period of time on a regular basis.

The fire department estimates that the helicopter crashed while carrying construction materials about 1 km away.

Construction materials seem to weigh about 1 ton, such as an H-beam.

The Aviation Rail Accident Investigation Committee of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport plans to investigate whether the appropriate weight was observed and whether there were any problems during the operation.