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Police arrested a woman in her 60s who assaulted his wife and shot a gas gun at her daughter who was drying her teeth. 

The Wonmi Police Station in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, announced today (16th) that they are investigating a person in their 60s on charges of special assault, etc.  

Mr. A is charged with assaulting his wife, Mr. B, in his 50s, at his home in Sangdong, Bucheon, last night around 10:11 last night, and firing a gas gun at his daughter, Mr. C, in his 20s, who was drying it. 

Mr. B was not seriously injured, and it is known that Mr. C did not receive direct gas. 

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The police arrived after receiving a report from Mr. B, arrested Mr. A as a current criminal, and confiscated the gas gun used in the crime.

It was confirmed that this gas gun was kept by A for self-defense with permission from the relevant authorities.

A police official said, "A was in a drunken state at the time, and it was understood that there was a quarrel with B over family problems.