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Europe 1 Studio and Spotify unveil, on May 17, their first joint production: "L'Ombre."

Chloé Triomphe, journalist for Europe 1 for 9 years, looks back on one of the most significant news stories of recent years: the Estelle Mouzin affair.

Throughout the 5 episodes, she goes in search of the shadow that has hovered over the investigation for 19 years, that of the serial killer Michel Fourniret.

First Original podcast produced by Spotify and Europe 1 Studio, "L'Ombre" is an unprecedented journalistic counter-investigation into the Estelle Mouzin case, this little girl who disappeared on January 9, 2003 in Guermantes, Seine-et-Marne, and around the shadow of Michel Fourniret.

In 2020, facing an investigating judge, the serial killer admitted to having "taken the life" of the girl.

Died soon after, he was never tried.

In each of the 5 episodes, lasting around thirty minutes, journalist Chloé Triomphe, a police-justice specialist, analyzes the evidence, studies the traces and dissects the false leads.

Eric Mouzin, Estelle's father, agreed to testify at length and is the red thread of this story, alongside his lawyers Me Herrmann and Seban and Me Delgenes, Monique Olivier's lawyer, 

In this native podcast, journalist Chloé Triomphe continues her investigation with a question in mind: could we have known the truth earlier?

Each episode offers a new look at the case, new elements of the file and some revelations behind the scenes of an investigation that has lasted for 19 long years.

With "L'Ombre", Europe 1 inaugurates a series of upcoming podcasts, in-depth and documented stories on true stories, with the aim of highlighting the work of its editorial staff and the know-how of its journalists and producers. .

"'L'Ombre', which is the first partnership between Europe 1 Studio and Spotify, is the fruit of a conviction that we immediately shared together: the Estelle Mouzin affair is not just a 'news item' which has marked the French, it is a file that questions our judicial system, our vision of the truth or even our relationship to the long term. This is the meaning of the journalistic counter-investigation by Chloé Triomphe. This is also what we recall the very strong words of Eric Mouzin, Estelle's father. His lofty view overwhelmed us, we thank him for his trust. More broadly, with "L'Ombre", we confirm our desire to make Europe 1 Studio a premier producer for powerful storytelling podcasts."

Fannie Rascle, head of Europe 1 Studio

"We are very proud of this collaboration with Europe 1 Studio, which completes our catalog of original productions in France. "L'Ombre" is an important counter-investigation which sheds precious light on one of the most important facts for our listeners. highlights of the past two decades. 

Claire Hazan, Director of Studios France & Benelux

Launched from Tuesday, May 17, this podcast is available for free and exclusively for free on the Spotify platform.

Episode 1 - The alibi


When we delve into the Estelle Mouzin affair attentively, we discover that the name of Michel Fourniret has always hovered above this file, from the start, from the first months of the investigation... In this first episode, Chloé Triomphe pulls threads little by little and looks at one of the key elements of the defense of the "ogre of the Ardennes" for years: his alibi.

Episode 2 – The traces 


Over the years, not finding the body of the 9-year-old girl means, for the investigators, to be faced with a huge void.

But while working on this file, and on the shadow of Michel Fourniret, the journalist from Europe 1 Chloé Triomphe realized that there were in reality "traces"... So many beginnings of tracks to go up to the culprit.

Provided you know how to make them talk.

Episode 3 – The little pebbles


Serial killers are criminals like no other: they sometimes make mistakes, of course.

But in their perversion, they can also take pleasure in stretching threads that can be traced back to them, "little pebbles".

Michel Fourniret has stretched threads that could have made it possible to go back to him... provided you see them, know how to pull them, without breaking them.

Episode 4 – The pact


In 2008, Chloé Triomphe was in Charleville-Mézières to cover the trial of Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier, then tried for seven crimes.

In the investigation into the disappearance of Estelle Mouzin, together they managed to remain silent for 16 years.

This special bond that united the couple, their "pact", 

Episode 5 – Confessions


Michel Fourniret died on May 10, 2021 in a hospital in Paris.

He will never be tried in the Estelle Mouzin case.

But a year before disappearing, pushed to his limits by a magistrate whom the listeners will discover, he had ended up confessing.

Can we say that all the light has been shed on this affair?

"L'Ombre", an original podcast produced by Spotify and Europe 1 Studio, to listen to for free and exclusively on Spotify:


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