A Chinese man in his 40s has been arrested by police after he stoned an old man to death on the roadside early in the morning and assaulted another old man.

The Seoul Guro Police Station is investigating today (11th) by arresting a man in his 40s of Chinese nationality as a current criminal of murder and assault.

Person A is accused of assaulting a man in his 60s several times in the face of a man in his 60s near a park in Guro-gu around 6:10 this morning and striking him with a broken road boundary stone to death.

A, who ran away after killing the first victim, also assaulted another old man who was pulling a truck nearby.

It is known that a passerby saw the first victim lying and bleeding and called 911, and the second victim himself called 112 for help.

The police are investigating the relationship between A and the victims and the motive for the crime.