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The court of first instance sentenced a man in his 20s to a suspended sentence of imprisonment for borrowing money from high school classmates through habitual lies and not repaying it.

According to the legal community today (11th), Detective 6 of the Seoul Southern District Court (Chief Judge Sang-yong Oh) sentenced a 20-year-old man who was recently accused of fraud to 8 months in prison and 1 year of probation.

A is charged with borrowing 51 million won, 10 million won, and 3 million won, respectively, from three high school classmates from May 2020 to February of the following year and not repaying them.

It was revealed that Mr. A deceived his classmates with various lies and borrowed money.

He got money from his classmates by lying, 'I was scammed by investing in a movie' or 'I'm running a stock reading room and I'm making a high profit, so invest in it'.

In addition, he deceived his classmates with various lies, such as 'I have a certified labor attorney's license' and 'I am taking a leave of absence from a local national university law school'.

He also acted as if he had sufficient repayment ability, saying, 'I am working as a full-time member of the legal team of an economic organization.'

In reality, however, he was in a situation where even his living expenses were insufficient after he suffered a huge loss from his stock investment.

In response, the court said, "A person deceived the victims and defrauded them of 60 million won, and punishment commensurate with the guilt is inevitable."

However, he added, "We have considered the fact that the victims do not want Mr. A to be punished because an amicable agreement has been reached, and that Mr. A acknowledges and reflects on all his mistakes."