A family member who went to eat after illegally parking in the middle of the road was fined more than the cost of food.

Yesterday (10th), an article titled 'Results of people who parked on the road and went to eat after violating the central line' was posted on an online community.

According to the article, author A recently witnessed an absurd situation while driving on a road in Doma-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon.

A driver of a vehicle crossed the center line, parked, and went to a nearby Chinese restaurant with his family to eat.

In the photo released by Mr. A, a black passenger car with the side mirrors folded was parked right next to the center line.

Mr. A said, "(Looking at the car parked across the center line) I wondered if I was sane. At first, I thought I was driving in the reverse direction because I was less awake. explained.

Then, he added, "After reporting the vehicle, I received a response from the ward office that a fine for negligence would be imposed. I think that eating 1,500 won jjajangmyeon will result in more negligence fines."

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Netizens who saw this responded, "How can I park my car on the center line?", "I doubted my eyes," and "He gave a good education to an unconscionable owner."

According to Article 13 (3) of the current Road Traffic Act, a fine of 90,000 won will be imposed if violation of the center line is clearly proven by video recording media.

The fine for illegal parking is 40,000 won.

(Photo=Online community 'Efem Korea')