“We may be able to launch an unmanned Starship to Mars in 3-5 years and then, I think, if it (the mission. -


) is successful, we will be able to send a crewed mission to Mars before the end of the decade,” he quotes words at the Financial Times TASS conference.

According to Musk, "windows" for flights appear every two years due to the necessary alignment of the planets. 

The American businessman expressed hope for the first test run this summer.

In May, SpaceX conducted successful flight tests of a prototype Starship spacecraft designed to fly to Mars.

In November 2018, the head of SpaceX Elon Musk said that the probability of his flight to Mars, if people get the opportunity to travel to this planet, is 70%.

Also, the American entrepreneur proposed to create conditions for terrestrial life on Mars by conducting a large series of thermonuclear explosions at the poles of the planet.