A few grips with one hand are enough.

Then the water bubbles.

Aarke advertises that the Carbonator Pro can be operated with one hand.

Meanwhile, you can “carry the child, sip coffee or make a call”.

We don't care.

We only do one thing at a time.

In addition, a second hand is almost essential at the beginning and end of the procedure, namely when the water tap is turned on and the bottle cap is closed.

Marco Dettweiler

Editor in Business.

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What interests us are kitchen appliances made of quality materials that are easy to use.

In this category, Aarke hits the bull's eye.

Except for a plastic ring that protects the edge of the cylinder when it hits the ground with momentum, the Swedes have only used stainless steel as the material.

Even the screw cap of the glass bottle is made of metal.

The shape is also correct.

The Carbonator Pro might be the prettiest soda maker on the market.

The price that Aarke pays for the operating concept is the high-rise character.

The Carbonator Pro needs over 50 centimeters of free height because the cylinder above the bottle is waiting to be pushed down until it is completely encased and then locked for carbonation.

The user supplies carbon dioxide with the button on the housing.

Now the bottle has to be freed.

To do this, press the lever down, which first releases pressure and then unlocks the cylinder.

For the "push-to-lock" process, Aarke had a robot push each prototype ten thousand times during the three-year development.

It didn't bubble up here that often.

After a week of use, the mechanics left a reliable impression.

Occasionally spilling water collects on the standing surface and can be quickly wiped away.

Ultimately, the Carbonator Pro only does what the competition from Sodastream & Co. does.

He makes sparkling water out of still water.

There are devices for this from as little as 70 euros.

Aarke charges 300 euros for his model.

First you swallow.

But with a beautiful design, high-quality materials and well thought-out operation, the Swedes make your mouth water.