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An ultra-premature baby born with a weight of 500 g survived five surgeries and returned to her parents' arms.

Ha-jin Jo, who was born by emergency cesarean section in July of last year, was discharged from hospital on the 3rd of this month after 300 days of hospitalization.

Ha Jin-i's mother gave birth by emergency cesarean section when her blood pressure and consciousness fell due to a sudden placental abruption in July of last year, when she was 22 weeks pregnant.

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Hajini had to undergo treatment such as tracheal intubation and surfactant administration right after she was born, but it is said that she endured it well, as if repaying the efforts of the medical staff each time.

After undergoing five surgeries in 10 months, medical staff were dispatched to help her recovery, and her parents took care of her with love. As a result, she is now growing at 6 kg.

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Netizens said, "It must have been difficult, but thank you to the baby and medical staff who endured well."

"How precious a child is to parents... I hope they grow up healthy!"